Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summer: Thurs., 7/13 - Sat. 7/15

Thurs., 7/13

More fun for the kids at art camp--they're really enjoying it. They come home excited each day to tell me about what they did. It was a hot hot day, so we went to the pool right after lunch. L&G swam for well over an hour in the little pool, playing with their Splashlings, while I read a book. Things kind of derailed after that--Greta was in a clingy mood in the big pool, pulling at my arms and refusing to swim; then Lucia wanted to go back to the little pool but Greta didn't; and so on. We left earlier than any of us wanted, and picked up a few things at Target.

Andrew was supposed to be home by bedtime but his flight was delayed. I did the laundry only to discover that our brand-new dryer has ceased to work--we'll have to bring a trash bag of wet clothes to PA tomorrow.

Fri., 7/14

Last day of art camp. Andrew was back, and he and I packed up while the girls were out of the house. I met a friend for lunch and then picked up the kids, who were bubbling over with happiness about the fun they'd had on their last day. That was nice to see. We've been carpooling to camp with a friend (she takes the kids, I bring them home), and at dropoff time she surprised L&G with a blind-package of Splashlings.

They played with them for a good part of our hellish drive to PA--tons of traffic and downpours and detours. It was horrendous. Sigh. We made it eventually, much later than we wanted. I dropped everyone off at home and went to the St. Rita's Fair just to grab some cavatelli.

Sat., 7/15

Andrew and I met our contractor at the house this morning to see the progress and talk about the budget. It's looking so beautiful. We felt pretty good about everything after our meeting.

We mostly hung out at home until after lunch, when L&G went to the playground with Mom and Andrew. Dad and I walked past the Sycamore Street house (my ritual) and then joined them. Mom and Dad were working at the fair again, and Andrew, the kids, and I went there at 5pm to have dinner and play games. L&G had so much fun. They loved the cavatelli and manicotti, had ice cream, and won a bunch of prizes. Greta was on a streak of good luck, winning two of the long-odds games--she was nice enough to let Lucia choose a prize the second time, so they ended up with the same number of prizes. She can be such a sweetie when she's not wreaking havoc!

Unfortunately for us all, Lucia's proud prize selections are poop emoji pillows, which seem to have been made specifically for the second-grade demographic. Sigh. I suppose it was inevitable that they'd come into our house eventually.

We got fried dough before we left, and L&G both devoured it at home. "I love this fair!" Greta declared several times today. A fun day all around.

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