Friday, July 07, 2017

Summer: Fri., 7/7

With rain looming for tomorrow, we tried to make the most of our outside time today. L&G both slept late (8:15 for Greta, 9 for Lucia), and then they just played and played an elaborate game involving all their toys on the steps. Later in the morning, we went to the creek, where they collected stones, explored, and made up elaborate workout routines using rocks as weights. We had to drag them home for a late late lunch.

After lunch, they became once again immersed in their playing, and Andrew and I confronted a rapidly escalating plumbing issue. All week, strange drainage things had been happening, and today, when we put in a load of laundry, the shower filled with several inches of water. Flushing the toilet caused more water to flow into the shower. We had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes, a washer filled with water and half-washed clothes (we'd shut it off when we realized the problem), and we were afraid to run any water. Calls to the plumber went unanswered. We feared an evening of washing dishes in the pond and an early departure.

While waiting for a call back from the plumber, we went to the pond, where L&G had more fun than ever floating around on their boats and playing. These boats, rope, and life jackets have really set them free, and they were in the pond, way on the far side, for an hour and a half--playing some kind of game that involved loud declarations of "My love!" and "My darling!" in British accents. They would have stayed much longer, but after about two hours the plumber called back, and we went back to the house to deal.

By that time it was six, so I fed the kids dinner while Andrew, the plumber, and William tramped through the poison ivy, trying to find the septic tank. They didn't. But the plumber managed to fix whatever was blocking the pipes, thank goodness. Andrew was glad for the chance to "help," which involved wearing his Rural King boots while watching William clear part of the field on his tractor, to try to find the septic tank; and then hauling buckets of water out from the basement as the plumber drained the pipes. He loves any chance to wear those boots.

Crisis averted. We don't have to leave early. We put the kids to bed, and had William and Nelly up for drinks around the fire pit.

These days are so lovely. I can't believe we're coming up to the end of our long stay.

Andrew and I have each had one teensy tick. We obsessively check the girls. Ticks come up frequently in conversation. Greta suggested today we call the creek "Tick Creek." They often claim they've seen ticks on themselves and on us (they haven't).

Some pictures from yesterday's hike:

The mountain was quiet until the girls decided they were rock stars, singing into stick microphones.

Lucia way ahead, lost in thought

Ice cream (this is from a different day)

Family selfie from the top of Mt. Ascutney

And some pictures from today:

Playing in the creek

Playing in the pond

L&G spent over an hour playing in this part of the pond--way across from where we were

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