Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Day 7/10, 7/11, and 7/12: Home

We drove home on Sunday. We'd planned to spend most of the day in NH but it was pouring rain and the girls were surly so we just called it a wrap.

Monday, we hung out at home, went to the library to get some new books, and then had gymnastics class. Of course Greta put up a fight about going, but then Ollie, her Beanie Boo octopus, suggested to me that if I gave Greta a hug she'd change her tune, and lo and behold, it worked. Sometimes I have serious worries that Greta is a schizophrenic.

Today. Oh, today was a doozy. The girls woke up in a mood and were attempting to kill each other at the breakfast table. I was able to jump ship to go to the chiropractor, but when I got back Andrew left for work and we had to forge ahead with the day.

Fortunately, they were in better spirits by that point and spent most of the morning riding things around the driveway and soaking each other with the hose. They were having a great time so I didn't intervene. We read a lot on the porch once they dried off. After lunch, we had some quiet time, and then we went to the pool. Oh, wait: there was a Greta interlude here, of her refusing to put on her bathing suit and screaming about how much she hated sunscreen. Then, the whole way to the pool, she went on and on about how she couldn't control the "fisherman" and how the "fisherman" made her have fits and she wasn't able to stop it. Am I supposed to be worried at this point? At what point does one worry?

They had a blast at the pool and I had to drag them home. While I made dinner, they sat on the couch and looked at some Look & Find books. That was nice and peaceful.

And then things completely fell apart. They were both immersed in sections of an Oriental Trading catalog during dinner, and neither was very interested in eating. There were some mild squabbles about who had the better half of the catalog (I'd torn it in half). Then Greta announced she had to go to the bathroom. At this point, Lucia jumped up, raced Greta to the bathroom, and elbowed her out of the way, sitting down on the toilet as Greta screamed in rage. Greta proceeded to PULL LUCIA OFF THE TOILET as she was peeing. Pee was all over the floor. Both girls were screaming. I was yelling.

And that is how Andrew found us when he got home. Sigh. Greta was still apopleptic with anger. She couldn't BELIEVE Lucia had elbowed her out of the way. She neglected to tell Andrew the part about pulling Lucia off the toilet. When he asked how pee got all over the floor, she said, "Mommy will tell you."

I have a headache.

On the brighter side of this day, I went to the big church rummage sale tonight and got several wonderful additions to my portrait gallery.

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