Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Summer Day 7/5: New Hampshire

Going to bed. A quick rundown of a busy, fun day:

L&G, miraculously, slept till almost 9am, after not getting to bed till nearly 11pm after our fireworks excursion.

Went to the creek in the morning. The Equestria Girls were floated, thrown, balanced, and othewise adventured in the water.

The girls got tired around lunchtime, so we took it easy for a little while and read some books.

Then we rallied and took them on a huge hike to the top of Mount Ascutney--they had fun, and the view was amazing. Lucia was like a tiny Gollum, running and jumping along the rocky path. We told her over and over again to slow down, but of course she didn't, and of course on the way down she fell. Lots of tears, but she's okay. We went out for well-deserved ice cream afterwards.

Girls collapsed in bed. We ate dinner after they were asleep, outside, watching the sunset. Lovely. Oh, and yesterday, since we were out in the yard long past our usual time, we saw two deer. And a skunk right by our car when we got home from the fireworks.

Greta has declared several times that when she grows up she wants to raise horses. I can totally see her doing that. Living in some remote location, raising horses, maybe having a farm stand, not interacting with other people too much. I like it.

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