Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Day 7/28

Thursday was, yet again, a good day. I think we've reached a kind of turning point with little miss Greta. She's been pleasant and amenable to doing things like, you know, getting dressed and putting on shoes, with no wild whining that brings our day screeching to a halt. So, good. Maybe the whole Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe debacle will have led to something good in the end.

We didn't do too much Thursday morning, just hung out at home. Lots of playing with ponies, Shopkins, and Legos.

In the afternoon, one of Lucia's friends came over for a playdate. Lucia had been soooo excited, and they all had fun.

Some iPad time, leftovers for dinner, lots of reading (Princess in Black, Francine Poulet and the Ghost Raccoon, Stella Batts: Superstar), and we'll call it a day.

One thing I forgot about Wednesday. At one point during the day, L&G were happily playing downstairs in the basement with a bunch of toys they'd carried downstairs. I was in the kitchen, online-shopping for rash guards for our upcoming beach trip. Suddenly, I heard both girls screaming and sobbing. I ran downstairs, ready to break up a fight over a Shopkin or a penny or something, and found them both cowering at the far end of the playroom, sobbing, shrieking. "A BEEEEEEE!" they screamed. And, indeed, a bee was buzzing around one of the ceiling lights. It was big and scary and I wanted no part of it but, as the only adult in the house, was forced to deal with it. Finally it flew to the side of the room, allowing the girls to escape up the stairs, where they sobbed on the couch in my lap for a little while. Thursday morning, Andrew found a dead bee in the laundry area, and we thought that was it. But unfortunately it wasn't The Bee, which scared Lucia yet again Thursday, and this time it flew up into the mudroom, where it met its demise in the form of Lysol disinfectant spray and one of Andrew's shoes. Shudder.

Final note. Greta accidentally left two small toys in PA last week. She didn't know, and I didn't share the picture Gra and Pop-Pop had sent of them. Today, though, she was frantically searching for her prized blue pony, and I had to tell her it was in PA, along with her tiniest Beanie Boo cheetah. Some distraught crying and mourning ensued.

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