Sunday, July 03, 2016

Summer Days 7/1 and 7/2

On Friday, Andrew returned from California. It's always tough when he's away but it's even tougher in the summer, when there's no break for me whatsoever during the day and evening. BUT he returned, and brought plush Rainbow Dashes in matching purses for L&G, and after loading up the car, we set out for NH. It was the longest. drive. ever. Traffic warnings on whatever app map thingy Andrew' uses sent us a roundabout way that was lovely but looooong. And everyone kept having to go to the bathroom.

We didn't get to NH till 6pm, so we just stopped at our favorite pizza place for dinner before heading to the house. This made us all happy.

Lucia woke up at 5:30am on Saturday, and Greta followed at 6:30. This is not usual for them--they reliably sleep till 7am or sometimes even 7:30 or 8am these days. But up here, something changes--the light is brighter, the world seems to wake up earlier, and the birds are crazy-loud outside our windows. They played for a while upstairs and then the day began.

Fortunately, it was a lovely day. We started off with some pond-swimming. I'd gotten them girls giant inflatable donuts at Michaels, and they had a blast playing with those. After lunch, we went on our annual strawberry picking adventure at a nearby farm. It's always so much fun. L&G love picking any kind of fruit, and they were totally excited about strawberries. They each ate a million, dramatically biting into each one and swooning in exaggerated bliss. Lots of fun. We tried not to go too crazy this year, since we still have a lot of jam from last year's outing. But it was hard to leave the berries behind.

We made a big stop at the grocery store and then grilled chicken and ribs for dinner.

We're here for 11 days. We can settle in.

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