Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Day 7/14, 7/15, and 7/16: Connellsville

Went to the pool Thursday afternoon. Got rained out by a huge rainstorm. Went to the diner later for dinner.

Friday 7/15 we drove to Connellsville for the next big portion of our summer.

Saturday: Connellsville! The girls are so excited to be here, and so are we. In the morning, L&G asked us to leave them alone with Gra and Pop-Pop, so Andrew and I took a run/walk on the Yough River Trail and then went to Gabe's and lunch at Panera.

In the afternoon, Mom and Dad went to work at the St. Rita's Church Festival, and we met them there at 5pm for some delicious food. L&G loved the food as well and then had a blast playing down by the river. Our festival fare: cavatelli, meatballs, manicotti, pierogies, sausage sandwich, fried dough, ice cream. Food bliss.

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