Thursday, July 07, 2016

Summer Day 7/7: New Hampshire

Quiet day today. L&G are tired. We've been doing so much physical activity and today they were beat. It was cloudy, so we just had a low-key morning, reading Ivy & Bean and Critter Club books, coloring, etc. We went on an errand to Walmart. We had lunch.

Then we set up our rock-painting shop and painted a bunch of the rocks we've collected over the past few days. As usual, I was the most into it, but come on--how cute are my stone fairy doors? Tomorrow we'll hike into the woods and nestle them against welcoming trees.

Later, we all went to St. Gaudens, which was open for an event for the local hospital, and walked around the grounds. L&G are reeeeaaally excited about the idea of finding four-leaf clovers, and they both hunted around for them as we walked. Lucia actually did find a four-ish-leaf clover--a regular clover with what looked like an extra leaf growing out of one of the leaves--and we decided that definitely counted.

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