Saturday, July 09, 2016

Summer Day 7/9: New Hampshire

Our last full day in NH and it rained all day. We made it through, for the most part. Lucia wanted to work on "The Ghost of Mystery" right away--she'd even written a page on her own before we went downstairs--so we did that. We're marking up her sight word flash cards with key words she's learning for the story--ghost, mystery, spooky, scary, hunter. She's very motivated and excited about the project.

We read books and played Memory and the girls played with their Num Noms. Greta likes hers more today, mostly the Nom that vibrates and scuttles around the table. The others she sometimes wants and sometimes gives to Lucia.

We tried to get L&G to go for a rain walk, but they were uninterested. Later, though, after a little iPad time, we corralled them outside to the woods to check on the fairy doors. They got totally wrapped up in creating more elaborate fairy setups with fern leaves, sticks, and other found materials. They worked on those for a long time. In the woods we could barely feel the rain.

For dinner we drove to the Harpoon Brewery, which Andrew loves going to. The cooped-up girls had been running around the house screaming like banshees before we left for the restaurant, so we thought the whole excursion was doomed, but at the restaurant they busied themselves with their Equestria Girls coloring books and were good as gold. Greta, the day catching up with her, at one point nearly fell asleep at the table while we waited for our food.

We stopped afterward at our favorite ice cream place, one last time for the week.

Very sad to be going back to NJ tomorrow.

One more thing--yesterday, at the cocktail gathering of Littell Road neighbors, we learned about a creature that lives in our woods: the "fisher cat." People were talking about its viciousness and ability to hunt other creatures to the death, even porcupines. Doesn't that sounds terrifying--a fisher cat? I Googled it, of course, and it's a medium-size weasel-like creature a little bigger than a housecat. It makes a terrible screaming sound that (thanks to a YouTube video) Andrew and I realize we've been hearing outside at night. And here we'd thought it was a Sasquatch.

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