Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Days 7/21 and 7/22: Connellsville

Thursday, Lucia, Greta, and I started off the day with a visit and swim at the home of some of my very very old friends, along with another old friend and her daughter. It was so much fun to see all the kids in real life, not just Facebook life. Lucia and Greta had a blast. They'd swim all the time if they could. We were there almost two hours and they got out of the pool only once, to eat a donut.

Mom's cousins were in town so the girls played at home the rest of the day. They made a big mud puddle outside, in which their ponies played.

Today, I went for a walk on the Yough Trail first thing--if I could start off every day this way, I would. What a peaceful, beautiful place. When I got home, we all walked to a rummage sale at a nearby church. It was underwhelming. Unfortunately, Greta's disappointment at not finding a treasure propelled her into a downward spiral of whining that she couldn't break out of. So much for the Pinkie Pie deal. Mom and I got her to get into the car to take a trip to East Park, but she whined the whole way there, and we went the tough love route: I stayed at the park with Lucia, Mom drove Greta back to the house and left her, sobbing, with Dad, then drove back to meet me and Lucia.

Mom, Lucia, and I had a ton of fun at the park--Lucia waded in the creek and found an old bone (shudder), we walked through the scary tunnel, we explored an old cemetery. I tried to scare Lucia by telling her that if she sat down on a gravestone, a ghost would wake up and follow her home. She was eager to try it out.

Greta had bounced back to the world by the time we got home and was calm and pleasant (mostly) for the rest of the day. Whether the tough love had any effect remains to be seen. She was VERY UPSET to be taken home, and she's definitely able to understand why that happened. We'll see.

Tonight I went to Gabe's and found some great deals--clothes for myself, and some Equestria Girls on clearance for L&G for birthdays. Nice.

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