Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Day 7/18, 7/19, and 7/20: Connellsville

Monday, Andrew drove into Pittsburgh to work at the Pittsburgh office for the day. After our Idlewild outing, we took it easy at home, just playing here. We visited Grandma and Florence at Beechwood. Afterward, Mom had promised L&G some new Shopkins, so we went to Target to pick some out. Later, L&G and Mom and I took a walk/scooter ride around the neighborhood in the evening.

Tuesday, we all drove into Pittsburgh together to go to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Such a wonderful place. Andrew got to stay with us for about an hour, before Ubering to the airport to catch his flight to CA. Mom, Dad, the girls, and I stayed at the museum. L&G like the dinosaurs and the gems, but more than anything else they love the Hall of North American Animals--beginning with the gruesome diorama of the lion attacking the camel and rider. They also love the bears eating salmon, and anything that depicts a predator attacking or planning to attack its prey. Greta really liked feeling all the different animal pelts. They are captivated by these depictions of violent natural life. We had lunch at the museum, walked around a bit after that, hung out in the sculpture garden for a while, then headed home.

On the way home, we stopped for frozen yogurt at Trailside Treats.

Today (Wednesday), Mom and I took the girls to visit Beechwood again, and then we drove to Marcel's so I could select a new addition to my sculpture garden. I chose a seated angel, very large, about the size of my gargoyle. She's lovely. She's also extremely heavy--a burly man loaded her into the back of my car, which is where she'll have to stay till we're back in NJ.

This afternoon was an ill-advised attempt at a slip-in-slide I'd bought a few weeks ago and brought here. It didn't work properly and then Lucia landed on her knees, hit her chest, and knocked the wind out of herself. It's going back to the store.

Tonight Mom, L&G, and I went to play at Linda's. L&G were so excited about all the wonders of Linda's yard--the trampoline, the tree swing, and the playhouse. They had a blast.

All day they were in and out of hysterics because of an insipid Barbie video Greta stumbled across on YouTube. It's a short Barbie skit in which Barbie's sister Skipper and Skipper's friend Allegra wait in line to get tickets for a concert by a Justin Bieber-like heartthrob. The heartthrob turns out to be a spoiled brat and etc etc etc. But at one point, trying to get attention, he turns his baseball hat to the side and says he needs to get his "swaggety swag." The girls find this beyond hilarious and acted out the scene all day with their Minnie Mouse baseball caps. They laugh to the point of incapacitation each time they do it.

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