Sunday, July 03, 2016

Summer Day 7/3: New Hampshire

Another ridiculously early rising for both kids. They were both awake by 6:20am. They colored and played upstairs for an hour until Andrew took them downstairs. (He got to sleep in yesterday; today was my turn.)

Once we all reconvened, we traipsed down to the pond once more. I floated around in the inflatable boat we got last time, which is extremely peaceful, even if paddling around means dredging my hands through all the algae. It's fun to get up close to the little frogs floating around on the leaves.

While Andrew made lunch, the girls and I collected some rocks on the road. Forgotten in yesterday's post: picking bouquets of wildflowers, the first activity of any visit here. The black-eyed susans are in full force here now.

After lunch, we gathered ourselves and went to St. Gaudens for the Sunday concert. We laid out a blanket and spent the first half of the piano performance in surprising peace: Andrew and I laid down and listened, and L&G colored pictures in their notebooks and played with their Rainbow Dashes. We looked at some of the sculptures on the grounds during intermission and then headed out--the Rainbow Dashes were getting a little boisterous. We went out for some ice cream at our favorite spot and then headed home.

Dinner: steaks and baked zucchini for us, Annie's Bunnies (and attempts at zucchini) for L&G.

Everyone's very excited about the Fourth tomorrow. We can only hope they'll sleep in a bit more to make it through our much longer day.

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