Friday, July 08, 2016

Summer Day 7/8: New Hampshire

Back in gear a little more today. I read lots of chapters of the latest Critter Club book to the girls this morning. Then we spray-painted some rocks with hot pink spray paint we'd bought at Walmart. While that dried, L&G did some batting practice with Andrew.

It was cloudy and seemed likely to rain all morning, so we squeezed outside things in while we could. We took our stone fairy doors and put them by trees in the woods by the house. They looked so cute--we'll hunt for them again when we come back next time. Then we had lunch, and then we went back to the creek. The creek magic was in full force today, and L&G played like crazy, sending their Equestria Girls downstream again and again, getting soaked in the process. They loved it.

The rain never came, but we took another trip to Walmart anyway so Andrew could get another plastic bin to finish his organization of the linen cupboard--a haven for mice during the winter. While there, we let the girls each buy a pack of Num Noms, which they'd seen on our last Walmart trip and freaked out over. I have to say, they're pretty cute.

They played with their new Num Noms solidly for the next hour when we got home. Sometime during that time, however, Greta decided she actually DIDN'T like Num Noms because of their smell. They do, indeed, have a strong smell--that's part of the product, like Strawberry Shortcake dolls. She went from kissing the package at Walmart to turning them all over to Lucia, who was, of course, thrilled but also confused as to how anyone could not like Num Noms. For the rest of the evening, Greta intermittently warmed to the Num Noms, then rejected them again, then warmed. We'll see what their relationship is like tomorrow.

The Num Noms really are super-cute. Greta's whims are a thing of mystery.

Before dinner tonight, we went to William and Nellie's house for a gathering of all the (very few) neighbors who live on Littell Road. We'd seen them all in passing but hadn't formally met, so this was a very nice introduction. While the adults chatted, L&G ran around the pool, "not swimming" but getting soaked as they threw their Equestria Girls into the water.

This morning, Lucia requested a new notebook so she could begin writing a chapter book called "The Ghost of Mystery." We got new notebooks while we were at Walmart, and, indeed, she began writing it tonight, complete with a 1 in a heart to denote Chapter 1. So far, it reads: "One day, long ago, there lived a ghost who lived in a barn." She'd been telling pieces of this story to Greta all day, and--testament to Lucia's burgeoning storytelling abilities--Greta is terrified of the "ghost." Greta, little baby, wants so badly to keep up and said she'll write a story too, called, alternately, "The Missing Fish" and "The Fish of Mystery."

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