Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Day 7/17: Connellsville

We made a big plan for today: Idlewild. It almost didn't happen, because Greta succumbed to a fit of whining in the morning and refused each and every part of the preparations, including but not limited to putting on sunscreen, putting on her shoes, and putting on her clothes. We got her out the door, and by the time we got to Idlewild she'd rallied, and she was fine the rest of the day.

I hadn't been to Idlewild for thirty years, I'm guessing, but I have vivid memories of pieces of it, and it was fun to be back. We started off in Storybook Forest. L&G liked going into all the little houses and identifying the storybook figures along the way. They met Princess Lily in the castle at the end.

Then we went to Jumpin Jungle, which they loved. They REALLY loved the ball pit, and liked doing cannonball jumps into the balls. They both even climbed the huge rope-net climb thing, which is notorious in our family for an incident in which a young Molly got stuck in the middle, unable to go either up or down, and had to be rescued by Dad and Uncle Don. Shockingly, both girls scrambled right up. Lucia looked like a little spider zipping to the top.

We did a bunch of other things there as well--they liked it all.

Then we had a picnic lunch in a pavilion before heading to Raccoon Lagoon.

Raccoon Lagoon was also really fun. The girls did the hand-crank cars, teacups with Andrew (three times of insane spinning), the little ferris wheel, the boat ride, and got prizes at the fishpond. We were all amazed at how uncrowded it was, and how perfect for this age. Plus: lots of shade.

We made one misstep for the day: trying to go to the Soak Zone waterpark. It was blazing hot, stampedingly crowded, and way too splashy for L&G. They liked the lazy river, so we did that a couple of times, but then we high-tailed it out of there.

We got some ice cream after that, and rode the merry-go-round, and got more prizes from the fishpond. Our final ride: the hot air balloons. Andrew and I and the girls all went on together.

And then we made it back to the car and came home. It was a super fun day. L&G really had a great time. It was a big, active start to our Connellsville week, one of our fun to-do's to cross off the list.

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