Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Day 7/13: A Grand Agreement

Today was much better than yesterday. This morning, L&G played with their ponies for a long time, and then we went to the zoo. We rode the zoo train and the carousel, looked at the snakes and lizards, and Lucia touched lots of stingrays. Then we had lunch and quiet time. Then we went to the pool, which was less successful today because it was overcast and the water was cold and the girls were too chilly to stay for very long. They each had an ice cream there and then we went home.

We read a bunch on the porch today. We finished Stella Batts: A Case of the Meanies and read most of Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way, and Lucia read a few paragraphs herself.

Tonight a teacher from our preschool invited me to her book club--they'd read Each Vagabond by Name this month and I joined the discussion. Really fun to talk about the book and the inspiration for it.

Greta made a grand pronouncement today: she will NOT WHINE the entire time we're in Pennsylvania. In return, I will buy her and Lucia the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shop playset. I agreed to the deal. It'll never happen in a million years. Then again, she really really wants the playset. She refrained from having wild screaming fits at bedtime for four nights in June to get a Beanie Boo octopus; so, who knows? The sets are on clearance right now at Target, so I went out tonight and bought the last two, just in case.  She told Andrew that the "fisherman" will not be coming to Connellsville because he's stuck in her closet and his head has gone through the ceiling.

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