Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Days 7/23 and 7/24: Connellsville

Saturday, Mom and I took the girls to the Yough River Trail for a bike ride. They rode three miles with barely a blink of fatigue--Lucia rode far ahead, zippy; and Greta, too, pedaled fast enough so that I had to run to keep up. They had a lot of fun. Afterward, they played by the river, "not going in the water."

Andrew flew back from CA that evening, so I drove to Pittsburgh to meet him and go out to dinner with three of our friends. We had a great time--building the case for a move to Pittsburgh someday...

Sunday was the day of an epic Parenting Fail. As you may recall, we embarked on our week in Connellsville with a grand agreement: Greta agreed not to whine, and she and Lucia would receive the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe set in return. Lucia's part of the bargain was not to bicker with Greta so much. Neither girl fulfilled her end of the deal for the entire week. There was a lot of whining. There was a lot of fighting. Requesting pristine behavior for a week was a rookie mistake, because the behavior was NOT PERFECT, but how could I not give them the set they'd been pining for? I felt hoodwinked. Totally hoodwinked. We compromised before getting in the car to drive home, and I let them have a few of the figures but not the shop itself. Anyway. I won't make a grand bargain like that again.

That said, they were both exceptionally good travelers on the drive home, which was great.

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